The Saint Francis Service Dogs Board of Directors and Advisory Council are comprised of a diverse group of people that bring their unique talents to the service of Saint Francis. Their collective experience, expertise and commitment to the Saint Francis mission is key to our organization's success.
Carol E. Downey
William B. Downey
Victor Foti, CPA
Kent Greenawalt
Jack Hans
Peter Milward
Gregory C. Troy, DVM
R. Craig Balzer: President
Nancy Hack: Vice President
Jeffrey Barbour, CPA: Treasurer
Jay O'Keeffe, Esq.: Secretary

Kathy Baske-Young
Ben Boone
John Carlin
Sally B. Craver, MSW
Jo Lynn Draper
Mark R. Finkler, DVM
Nancy Hack
Anne Jenkins
Annette Kirby
D. Reed Lombart
Susan B. Lowe, RN
Paula N. Mitchell
Pamela Moskal
Robert Villamil
Courtney Wiegard, DVM
For questions or additional information about Saint Francis Service Dogs contact us at or call 540.342.DOGS (3647).
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