Service Dogs - Placing professionally trained service dogs with qualified partners is the primary program at Saint Francis. Service dogs are capable of performing many useful tasks, including going for help, picking items up, opening and closing doors, retrieving the phone and turning lights on and off.

Veteran Dogs - Saint Francis places service dogs with veterans who have sacrificed their physical health to serve our country. Service dogs for veterans do all the tasks required of a service dog, as well as offer support for other combat-related issues.

Facility Dogs - Saint Francis places expertly trained dogs who partner with a professional working in a healthcare, courtroom or education setting. Facility dogs are trained to do many tasks to assist with therapy, provide motivation and give comfort.

Training - The Saint Francis training program is detailed, comprehensive, and designed specifically for Saint Francis service dogs. The program is administered by professional dog trainers to ensure all Saint Francis dogs are well-prepared for their work with a partner.

Puppy Raisers - Volunteers in the Roanoke area open their hearts and homes to Saint Francis puppies, teaching them manners and socializing them so that they are ready to grow up into service dogs.

Prison Pups - Saint Francis partners with Bland Correctional Center , a medium security men's prison, to teach inmates how to raise and train puppies for Saint Francis.

Breeders - Saint Francis relies on top notch breeders to fill our need for excellent dogs. Our breeders provide structurally good, physically healthy and tempermentally sound puppies to our program.

Career Change Dogs - Saint Francis places dogs that do not complete the training program, as pets in loving homes carefully screened by Saint Francis staff and volunteers.
About Our Programs

Our operation relies on several programs, some which like the Prison Pup Program, support our goal of placing professionally trained service dogs, while others including the Reading Program, support our goal of enriching the lives of people in different ways through their relationship with a dog.

Below is a brief description of each of our programs. Follow the links on the left for more information.
Saint Francis thanks Purina for their support
For questions or additional information about Saint Francis Service Dogs contact us at or call 540.342.DOGS (3647).

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