The Saint Francis Service Dogs staff works tirelessly to help people with disabilities to better experience the world through partnership with a service dog.

Bottom Row: Marilyn Wilson, Kris Sorensen, Connie Kniseley, Tina Hatcher and Gatsby, Elizabeth Nemore.
Top Row: Doug Becker, Bob Lee, Niki Voudren, Cabell Youell, Deborah Duerk, Debbie Conner, Robby Thomas. Not Pictured: Ryan Read, Kathy Marr
For questions or additional information about Saint Francis Service Dogs contact us at or call 540.342.DOGS (3647).
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• Cabell Youell

• Niki Voudren

• Kristine Sorensen

• Deborah Duerk

• Marilyn Wilson

• Kathy Marr

• Connie Kniseley

• Debbie Clifton

• Ryan Read

• Bob Lee

• Doug Becker

• Robby Thomas
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