– Supporter Recognition

More than 1,000 people give of their time, talents, and means each year to help children and adults with disabilities live richer, fuller lives with a Saint Francis Service Dog steady by their side.

Thank you to our 2019 donors and volunteers.  We could not fulfill our mission without you.

The Annenberg Foundation
Explore.org, a direct charitable activity of The Annenberg Foundation
Gentry Locke Attorneys
Estate of Dorothy M. Hannaford
Estate of Irene I. Wilhelm

Ms. Jo Lynn Draper*
Hittman Family Foundation
Jack and Anne Glenn Charitable Foundation
Roanoke Animal Hospital*
Marvin and Joy Smith
ZiMS Foundation

Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia
The Estate of Mr. Jeffrey Connor*
GC Commercial, Inc.
The Sam and Marion Golden Helping Hand Foundation
The Phalia M. and Guy M. Kinder Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McMahon Sr.
Estate of Lois Morris
Edwin A. and Lelia W. Myrick, Joint Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Petrine*

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Allison Jr.*
Dr. Timothy Andriano
M.W. Armistead III Family Foundation
Ms. Joan Bugbee
Ceres Foundation Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Finkler*
Ms. Lynne Fiscella Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Foti*
Mrs. Melodee Franck
Mr. and Mrs. Humes Franklin Jr.
Gaby Family Foundation
Ms. Nicole Laroche
Estate of Josephine B. Minnix
Mr. and Mrs. John Olver
Mrs. Sarah Plymale*
Spain Commercial Inc.
Ms. Janet Taake*
United Way – Combined Federal Campaign
Ms. Linda Webb
Ms. Janet Wynot

AnR Career Solutions
Church of the Good Shepherd
County of Roanoke
The Carter and Kay Craigie Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Craver III*
Mr. and Mrs. William Downey*
Guilford Foundation
Ms. Sandra Henson
Ms. Annette Kirby*
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Read*
Mrs. Diane Rosenberg

Mr. Richard Adelaar
Advance Auto Parts Business Support, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Balzer*
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Mrs. Jan Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Baske Young*
Mr. and Mrs. David Bowditch
Gary and Sandra Bradford Charitable Fund
C.A. Barrs Contractor, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Chessen*
Ms. Lucy Davis
Ms. Carole Denney and Mr. Joseph Dameron+
Dr. Allison Divers and Dr. David Williams
Dodson Pest Control
DPR Construction
Ms. Alice Dugger
The Emch Foundation
Ms. Lynne Falkinburg
Mr. Frank Flippin
GE Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Guidry
Ms. Cathie Havrilesky+
Mr. and Mrs. John Higginbotham
Hourigan Construction Corp.
Knights of Columbus – Council 595
Kroger Community Rewards
Mr. and Mrs. Michael LaPrade
Mr. John Lawrence and Ms. Elizabeth Adams
LEEPS Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Milward*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mohr
New River Electrical Corp.
Newcomers Club of the Roanoke Valley
Mr. Douglas and Dr. Kris Oursler*
Mr. and Mrs. Butch Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Poff
Ms. Sandra Reed
Mr. Lloyd Ruona
Select Medical
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shearer*
Ms. Eloise Shelor
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sinnott*
Ms. Kimberlee Smith
Mr. Paul Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Strauss*
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Sublett
Mrs. Nadia Summo*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tainer
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Taylor*
The Glebe
TheraPets of the Roanoke Valley
Ms. Suzanne Thorniley
TowneBank Peninsula
TowneBank Williamsburg
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Villamil*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wade
Dr. and Mrs. Edward White*
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wisser*+

American National Bank & Trust Co.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Rawson Andrews
Stephen B. Ballard
Dr. Eugene Bane
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Barbour*
Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Bowers Jr.
Brown, Edwards,& Co., LLP*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chohany
Com-Tel Supply of Virginia, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Copenhaver
Country Corner Farms Inc.
Ms. Ashley Craver and Mr. Howard Rice
Mr. Bob DeBlasio and Ms. Diane Evans
Dr. Charlotte and Mr. Richard Dietz
Dominion Foundation
Ms. Carole Edwards and Ms. Jackie Werb+
Mrs. Kathy Fitzpatrick
Ms. Carole Ford
Ms. Michelle Foss
Mrs. Leslie Frusco
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gard III
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Garnett-Deakin
Ms. Nancy Griggs
Heartland Midwest Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Heymann
Mrs. Joanne Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Houser
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jacobs
Ms. Anne Jenkins*
Ms. Joyce Johnson
Ms. Teresa Johnson
Mrs. Carol King
Ms. Sandra Krawchuk and Mr. Stephen Benton
Mr. and Mrs. James Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Long
Mrs. Diana LoVecchio*
Dr. David Lyerly and Dr. Mary Denton Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Milberger
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mitchell*
Mr. and Mrs. P.W. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Walt Moss
Parrotheads of the Blue Ridge Charities, Inc.
Peninsula Community Foundation of Virginia
Ms. Marisa Porto
Ms. Deborah Ramirez Ashby
Ms. Cindy Roberts+
Mr. Frederick Rockwell III
Dr. and Mrs. Leroy Roemer
The Giving Foundation, Gerald and Frances Rosemeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Saplak*
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Seek
Mr. and Mrs. William Spradlin
Star City Corvette Club, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Stavola
Ms. Lynn Stivers*
Ms. Jacqueline Streithof
Mr. Allan Toth
Mrs. Corinth Treadway
Verizon Foundation – Volunteers Program
Vinton Veterinary Hospital*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Youell III
YourCause, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Zinn

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aleshire
AmazonSmile Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Sixto Aquino
Mr. and Mrs. James Bailey III
Mr. John Balconi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Birmingham
Broadalbin-Perth Central School District
Chris Brown+
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Brumbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Buccola
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Buchanan
Miss Olivia Burger
Mrs. Janice Burr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bye
Mr. & Mrs. David Charlton
Clifton Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cody+
Mr. Richard Cohen
Mr. Ben Cooper and Ms. Polly Gault
Mr. William Corey and Ms. Kathy Umbdenstock+
Ms. Lee Cox+
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Crist*+
Ms. Karin Crockett
Ms. Kathy Cvizic
Ms. Marian Dawson
Mr. Brian Desloge
Mrs. Barbara Dickerson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Drumheller
Mr. John and Dr. Elizabeth Duckworth
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas England
Ms. Charlene Fay*
Mr. and Mrs. W. Heywood Fralin
Ms. Faye Gargiulo*
Hon. and Mrs. Ray Garland
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Goodes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hack*
Mr. Edwin Hall
Mr. and Mrs. John Hammond*
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Helinger
Dr. Lara Hertweck
Mr. and Mrs. William Honeycutt
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Houska
Ms. Christy Izard*
Joe Bandy & Son, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. William Kagey*
Ms. Emily Keyser
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kriz
Mrs. Jackie Lantz*
Ms. Ann Martyn and Mr. Frank O’Brien PhD
Ms. Christine Merriman
Mr. Andrew Moore
Mr. Larry Morris
Mr. and Mrs. David Nash
Mr. James North
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Nottingham*
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Olson
Ms. Elizabeth Parsons
Mr. Mark Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Demetrio Perez+
Ms. Jane Petersen+
Ms. Jill Petro
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ptaschek
Mrs. Emily Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Roberts
Mr. William Roberts
The Robertson Family Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia
Ms. Sarah Rubush*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Saacke
Mrs. Ruth Saba
Salem Professional Baseball Club
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sciacca
Mrs. Drusilla Sexton+
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shelton
Ms. Joan Showalter
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith
Ms. Ami Somers
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sowers
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sulka*
Temple Emanuel Congregation
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Helen Cadd Elderly Protection Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tomlin-Brenner
United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Vann+
Mr. Kevin Vogeley
Ms. Rhonda Waldrop-Eng*
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin White
Mr. John Whittle*
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wilburn
Ms. Laurie Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Wise
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Witt
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Wood
Mr. Ronald Wyly
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zacour

Mrs. JoAnn Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Adams
Ms. Sandra Adkins+
Mr. Kenneth Algino
Ms. Lorraine Allen-Smith
Allstate Giving Campaign – CyberGrants
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Anderson
Ms. Lisa Andruscavage
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Artusio III
Mr. Ralph Baker Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ballengee
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Banks III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barb
Ms. Sonya Barton
Ms. Judy Bates*
Ms. Joanne Bebel
Ms. Laura Benjamin
Ms. Charlotte Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. William Benton
Dr. Veronica Berreen and Dr. John Berreen, Jr.
Mrs. Irene Betzel
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Board
Mr. Matthew Bogdan
Mr. Howard Boggs
Mr. Steven Boisvert
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. John Bradshaw Jr.
Ms. Karen Brill
Mr. Richard Brill
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Brill
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Brink
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Brown Jr.*
Ms. Deborah Brown
Ms. Melinda Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Bullock
Ms. Melanie Burnette
Ms. Marilyn Bussey
Ms. Catherine Caddy
Ms. Susan Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Camden
Mr. and Mrs. John Carlin*
Mrs. Charmaine Carmack
Mrs. Patricia Carr
Roger and Pat Carter
Mr. and Mrs. James Caton
Cave Spring Baptist Church Senior Adult Ministry
Ms. Ivon Cerna Mata
Ms. Constance Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chriss
Bob Cicconetti
Mr. and Mrs. John Coffey
Mrs. Maude Coggin
Ms. Patricia Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Conner
Mrs. Catherine Connor
Contractors Materials Company
Mr. and Mrs. James Cosby
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Coulling
Mr. and Mrs. John Cowlbeck
Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Craighead
Mr. Stephen Craver
Ms. Linda Cyr
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dalke
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dawkins
Mr. Calvert De Coligny Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Deinlein
Delta Gamma Fraternity – Roanoke Valley Alumnae Chapter
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Des Champs
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Dick
Ms. Barbara Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dill*
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Dingler
Ms. Dorothy Dodson
Mr. Thomas Donegan and Ms. Elisabeth Mensch
Ms. Mary Frances Donnelly
Ms. Patricia Dowd
Ms. Anne Paige Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Duncan
Mr. Mark Duncan
Ms. Ann Dunnington and Mr. Robert James
Mr. H.J. Dyer Jr.
E*Trade Financial
Ms. Paula Eager
Ms. Nan Eddins
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Eddy
Kenica Eggan
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ellett
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ellett
Ms. Jean Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Emery
Ms. Diana Esposito
Mrs. Boo Evans
Ms. Laura Evans
Mr. David Farnum
Ms. Kathryn Figg
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Foltz
Foti, Flynn, Lowen & Company, P.C.
Ms. Elizabeth Francis
Virgil L. Frantz Charitable Trust
Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary #795
Mr. and Mrs. David Fretwell+
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Fuzi
Mr. and Mrs. John Garber
Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Garrett Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rand Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey George
Ms. Garnet Gilmore
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gingras
Mr. James Giordano
Ms. Debra Given
Ms. Diane Goode
Grace Bible Church of Botetourt
Mr. Steven Green
Dr. and Mrs. Nelson Greene
Ms. Lynn Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. William Hackett*
Dr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Hagadorn
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Hagan III
Ms. Susan Haisley
Mr. Bruce Hake
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hamlen
Ms. Pamela Hanks
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hansen
Dr. and Mrs. Dan Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Fenton Harrison Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hartman Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Benjamin Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Hatfield
Dr. Alice Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Hearp
Mr. and Mrs. J. Eric Helsing
Ms. Shari Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Hess*
Mr. F. Staley Hester Jr.
Ms. Mary Heuchert
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. George Hodges
Ms. Kathy Hodges
Mr. Egon Hofmann
Ms. June Holden
Mrs. Joyce Holloway
Mrs. Rebecca Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hornick+
Ms. Yolanda Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hynes
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Ison
Mrs. Beth Ives
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jack*
Ms. Faith Janney
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jirka
Mr. and Mrs. Blair Jones
Mr. and Mrs. T. Farrell Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones
Mrs. Jeannette Joynes
Mrs. Holly Kellam*
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Kelleher
Ms. Sharon Kendrick
Mr. and Mrs. George Killinger
Kye and Moon Kim
Dr. and Mrs. David Kinsler
Ms. Barbara Kipps
Ms. Helen Kitchens
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kleiner
Mr. and Mrs. William Knocke
Ms. Tammy Koehler
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Koogler
Mr. Jeffrey and Dr. Rita Krasnow
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Kunkle
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Laughhunn
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lawson
Mr. Richard Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lawson
Ms. Krista Leamer
Mrs. Helgard Legg
Mr. Bill Leichsenring
Ms. Allison Lentz
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Leslie
Dr. and Mrs. James Lesnick
Mr. and Mrs. John Levin
Mr. Richard Lewis Jr.
Ms. Mary Lindholm
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Littlefield
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Littleton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lockwood
Ms. Eleanor Long
Mrs. Ronnie Love*
Ms. Susan Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk and Sarah Ludwig
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lundy
Mr. Joshua Lynch
Ms. Elizabeth Lytton
Mr. and Mrs. David MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. David Macpherson*
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Malamisura
Ms. Pamela Maloof
Dr. and Mrs. Orlando Manfredi
Dr. Luisa Marsteller
Ms. Deborah Martin
Mr. and Mrs. James Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Masinter*
Kent and Ann Massie
Ms. Joyce May
Hon. and Mrs. Charles McCormick III
Mr. and Mrs. Danny McCormick
Drs. Kate and Harry McCoy*
Cary and Randolph McGann
Ms. Cheryl McGuire*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald McKibben
Ms. Cynthia McMillan
Ms. Stephanie McNeill
Mr. Michael Michalski
Mr. and Mrs. James Miles
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Miller*
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Miller
Ms. Janet Mills+
Ms. Margaret Milona
Ms. Jeanette Mistele
Mr. P. Martin Montano
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Montgomery*
Ms. Catherine Moore
Ms. Debra Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morrissett*
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Mundy
Ms. Donna Munson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Murray
Ms. Susan Nance
Mr. William Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Newmark
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. David Nickell+
Dr. and Mrs. Don Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Dell
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Oehlschlaeger
Ms. Mary Olsen
Ms. Yvonne Olson
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lee Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. William Overstreet
Major and Mrs. Steven Owen (USA, Retired)
Mr. and Mrs. Basil Owens Jr.
Mr. Robert Pafford III
Mr. and Mrs. John Page
PayPal Giving Fund
PEO Sisterhood Chapter BD VA
Ms. Rebecca Perdue*
Mr. David Peterson
Ms. Corinne Piccardi
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Polinski
Ms. Lynne Pollock
Mr. and Mrs. David Pope
Present Thyme
Ms. Doris Prillaman and Ms. Rita Rufty
PWCS Preschool Child Fund and IPOP
Larry and Patricia Rakes
Ms. Rebecca Raybourne
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Read
Mrs. Hope Rector
Mr. Carleton Reed*
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reed
Mr. William Reed
Ms. Carol Reedy
Dr. Corinne Replogle
Dr. Randall Rhea
Rice Tire
Roanoke College Psychology Department
Ms. Katie Rodgers
Ms. Krista Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. David Roland
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Rollins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rombs
Mr. and Mrs. David Rowan
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rucker
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Russin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ryan
Ms. Martha Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. David Safewright+
Mr. and Mrs. Kemp Savage III
Ms. Michelle Schiml
Mrs. Caron Schmid
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schweizer Jr.
Ms. Shannon Shaffer*
Mr. Leonard Shank
Mr. Timothy Shank
Mr. and Mrs. Casey Shem
Mr. Edward Shepherd Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Shockey
Mr. John Shoulders
Dr. and Mrs. James Simmons
Ms. Doris Simpson
Ms. Laura Skeen and Mr. Frank Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Don Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Smith Jr.
Ms. Nancy Smith+
Ms. Thaiese Smith
Ms. Ruth Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. William Snyder
Mrs. Sue Spangler
Mrs. Maria Sparkman
Ms. Cortney Spath
Mr. and Mrs. William Spencer Jr.
Ms. Robin Spicer+
Mr. and Mrs. James Spitz
Tammy Spradlin*
Ms. Angela Stallings
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Starr
Cmdr. Keith and Capt. Maureen Steinhouse
Dr. and Mrs. W. William Stevens
Mr. Cary Stiles
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Stinson
Mr. Bodo Stock
Ms. Debbie Stokes
Mr. and Mrs. Hans-Andreas Stowasser
Ms. Lesleigh Strauss
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Strong Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Strulson
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stutts
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Szego
TCV Trust and Wealth Management
Ms. Jo Ann Terry
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Thomas
Adelia Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thomson III
Ms. Anne Tiffany
Ms. Roberta Toney
Transitions Consulting, Inc.
Mr. Jim Trexel
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Trible Jr.
Ms. Cindy Tuck*
Ms. Vicki Tuke
Mr. Charles Turman
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Turner
Ms. Mary Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tysinger
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Umberger III
Ms. David Urias
Ms. Christine Verdelotti
Vet Tech Club at Blue Ridge Community College
Mrs. Cindy Vickers
Vietnam Veterans of America – Chapter 196
Vietnam Veterans of America – Williamsburg Chapter 957
Ms. Beverly Waddell
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Walter Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wardle
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Waters*
Ms. Ann Watson
Mr. David Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Weekley
Ms. Lavonia Welfare
Mr. and Mrs. Austin West Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald White
Dr. Courtney and Mr. Spencer Wiegard*
Mr. and Mrs. James Wilbourne
Ms. Cherie Wilson
Ms. Marilyn Wilson and Mr. Art Hafdelin*
Mr. and Mrs. David Wine
Mr. Ronald Winter
Ms. Ruth Wylie
Mr. Herbert Wyrick
Mr. and Mrs. Cabell Youell*
Mr. Charles Young III
Ms. Fran Young

Mrs. Barbara Adams
Ms. Carol Adams
Mr. William Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Adkins
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Annoni
Dr. Karen Asbury
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ayers
Mrs. Sally Bagley
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Barnes*
Capt. Thomas Batzel
Ms. Rebecca Beach*
Dr. and Mrs. Luther Beazley III
Dr. and Mrs. Thompson Berdeen
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Berglund
Mr. and Mrs. George Bidanset
Ms. Peggy Bizjak
Bluewater Bay Association, Inc.
Mr. Larry Bly
Ms. Paulette Boothe
Ms. Julia Bouldin*
Ms. Nancy Bourne
Dr. and Mrs. Don Brady
Ms. Kristin Breakell
Bright Funds Foundation
Ms. Jennifer Bundy
Ms. Helen Burch
Ms. Joanne Burke
Burtonsville Volunteer Fire Department
Mr. Clarence Butenhoff
Mr. Ernie Butler and Mrs. Linda Daniel Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Caldwell
Mr. Eugene Callaway
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cameron
Mrs. Helen Carty
Ms. Lucy Cary
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Celin
Ms. Lois Chambers
Mr. David Chapman
Charities Aid Fdn. of America – CyberGrants
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Chivily
Mr. Richard Concepcion and Ms. Jane Washburn
Ms. Jane Copeland
Mr. Jeffrey Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cronise
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cunningham*
Mrs. Barbara Daniel
Ms. Cynthia Daniello
Ms. Gayle Danielsen*
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Danstrom
Ms. Patricia Davidson
Ms. Jean Davis
Ms. Aleene Davis
Ms. Sandra DeKay
Mr. David Dellinger
Ms. Charlotte DeLoach
Mr. Peter Dent
Ms. Cathleen Dillon
Mr. and Mrs. David Dratwa
Ms. Jeanne Duddy
Ms. Narlene Dulaney
Mr. and Mrs. William East
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Edwards*
Mr. and Mrs. John Engleby
Mrs. Deb Diffendal Englert
Mr. and Mrs. S. Joseph Esposito
Ms. Lucille Evans
Ms. Lisa Faist and Mr. Bill Nash*
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Felix
Mr. Robert Fetzer
Ms. Mary Catherine Fifer
Mrs. Ann Finch
Linda Fleming
Mr. Eric Fluster
Ms. Vivian Flynt
Ms. Martha Freaney
Ms. Jane Garber
Ms. Michelle Gauthier
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Giles
Ms. Kathleen Gillerlain
Mrs. Nancy Gillespie
Ms. Kathryn Gillock
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Given Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Glover III
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Gordon*
Ms. Deirdre Gordon
Ms. Donna Gray
Ms. Kelly Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffith
Mr. Joshua Groleau
Ms. Lisa Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Gross
Mrs. Nancy Hagan
Mr. Ben Hager
Mr. and Mrs. George Hales Jr.
Mr. Charles Hammond
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hanson
Mr. Peter Harholdt
Dr. John Harris III
Ms. Katherine Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Hatcher
Ms. Christine Henderson*
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Henderson
Ms. Joyce Hile
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hoggan
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Colyn Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Hubbell
Mr. David Hudson
Mr. William Hudson
Ms. Kathryn Hull and Ms. Carroll La Haye
Mr. and Mrs. Royce Husted
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hylton
Jamie Hypes
Ms. Linda Ives and Mr. Steve Lucado
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Jacus
Mrs. William Jester
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Jewell
Ms. Phyllis Johnson
Hiske Jones
Mr. and Mrs Charles Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. William King
Ms. Deborah Kipps
Kiwanis Club of Roanoke
Ms. Jeanne Knap
Mr. and Mrs. William Knott
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kresge
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lacey
Ms. Susan Lambui*
Mr. Stephen Lamphier
Ms. Gloriadene Lancaster
Mr. and Mrs. David Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee
Ms. Sandy Light
Mr. Steven Light
Ms. Martha Ann Litz
Mrs. Jeannette Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Lynn
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mabry*
Ms. Mary MacDonald
Mr. Brian Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Martin
Ms. Elizabeth McCartney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCray
Mr. Jonathan McDorman
Ms. Gail McGirt
Ms. Rachael McGowen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McWilliams
Melrose Baptist Church – Living Abundantly After Fifty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Miller
Mr. and Mrs. D. Christopher Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller
Mr. and Mrs. William Milona
Mr. and Mrs. William Moles
Ms. Kathy Morck
Ms. Dawn Morgan
Ms. Emorene Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mullen Jr.
Ms. Ellen Muller
Mr. and Mrs. David Munch
Mr. Clifford Murray
My Tribute Gift Foundation
Ms. Christine Nichols
Mr. Ronald Nixon
Mr. and Mrs. John O’Connell
Mr. J. John O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Olson
Mr. and Mrs. William Orlando
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Overstreet
Ms. Kimberly Owens
Mrs. Susan Paganelli+
Mr. and Mrs. William Parcell Jr.
Ms. Allison Patrizio
Ms. Connie Perdue
Ms. Sharon Pheil
Ms. Kristen Pilarski*
Ms. Gabby Pirozzoli
Ms. Faye Pleasants
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Polan*
Mr. and Mrs. Brownie Polly III
Dr. and Mrs. Cleveland Porter Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Portis
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Preuss
Ms. Penelope Prevo
Mr. Benedict Profera
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pyne*
Ms. Teri Reed
Religious Society of Friends, Inc.
Mrs. Nancy Revercomb
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Riggs Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Robbins
Ms. Susan Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roettger
Mrs. Dolores Rorrer
Mr. and Mrs. John Ruffner III
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Sallade
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schietaert
Mrs. Becky Schnitzler Swenson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schroeder
Dr. Gerhardt Schurig and Ms. Ginger Dakin
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Seaman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sease Jr.
Ms. Jeanie Seay
Mr. and Mrs. John Sequeira
Mr. James Settle
Mr. Robert Shepherd
Ms. Nancy Shumate
Ms. Janice Silk
Mr. Stephen Simon
Ms. Sallie Simpson
Mr. Pranav Singh
Ms. Cathleen Singletary
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Skinner*
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smith*
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Smith
Ms. Doreen Smith
Ms. Eberle Smith
Ms. Leanna Smith
Mr. Ray Smoot
Ms. Kris Sorensen*
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sorrells
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Souter
Ms. Lyndsey Spangler
Mrs. Eleanor Spegele
Ms. Bonny Spruill
Ms. Nancy Spruill
Ms. Amanda Stanley
Ms. Rosemary Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Strauch
Taaza LLC
Mr. and Mrs. David Taylor*
Ms. Kristen Taylor
Dr. and Mrs. Jefferson Teass
Mrs. Mary Lou Temple
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Templeton
Ms. Susan Riggs Therapy Works
Ms. Diana Thomason
Ms. Levinia Thompson
Ms. Barbara Thurman
Mr. and Mrs. David Thurston
Mr. and Mrs. James Thurston
Ms. Jeanie Tolbert*
Ms. Carole Toone
Ms. Evelyn Turner
Ms. N. Elisabeth Turner
Ms. Elizabeth Van Moppes
Mrs. Catherine Vickers
Mr. George Vogel II
Ms. Nicole Wagner
Mr. Christian Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Webb
Ms. Susan Webb
Mr. William Webb
Ms. Joann Wells
Mrs. Nancy Wheeler
Ms. Patricia Wiegard
Ms. Barbara Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Williams Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Witt
Ms. Rosalie Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Woodie
Ms. Cindy Wright
Ms. Pamela Wright
Mr. and Mrs. William Yagle
Ms. Betty Young
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Zeller

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ackermann
Ms. Ilayda Aksoy
Mrs. Betty Aldridge
Mr. and Mrs. M. Arent
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arient
Mr. William Atwood
Mrs. Edith Baldwin
Ms. Jaime Bamford
Mrs. Rita Basilico
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bauman
Ms. Faye Becker
Mr. Richard Becker
Ms. Rachel Beeler
Bell Bridge Books, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Benicke
Ms. Gina Beninato
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Bivens
Mr. Lester Blackwell
Radm. and Mrs. Donald Boecker
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bohland
Ms. Shannon Boothe
Ms. Sue Anne Boothe
Ms. Annetta Bowers
Mrs. Nancy Bowser
Ms. Judith Brancato
Ms. Bonny Branch
Mrs. Mary Branch
Mrs. Barbara Brandtner
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Bray
Ms. Noelle Brown
Ms. Robin Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Latane Brugh Jr.
Ms. Gail Brumberg
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bull
Mr. A. Ward Burian
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Caceci
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carliss
Mrs. Elizabeth Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Catt
Mr. and Mrs. James Caudill
Mr. and Mrs. George Chernega
Mr. and Mrs. James Childress
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Chudina
Mr. and Mrs. John Collins
Mr. Keith Condran
Ms. Judith Conley
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Constantinides
Mr. Tyler Copeland*
Mr. and Mrs. Lea Coppage
Ms. Pauline Corso*
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Corso
Ms. Julia Costanzo
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Craft
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Cribbs
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cromer
Rev. C. Warner Crumb
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Curet
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Curtis
Ms. Kara Cuskelly
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Danieley
Ms. Beth Darragh
Ms. Sayeh Darvish
Mrs. Nita Dawson
Ms. Patricia Deal
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Dean
Mr. and Mrs. David Derr
Ms. Jennifer Dickerson
Mr. Wayne Dickerson
Ms. Barbara Didway
Mr. and Mrs. William Dodson
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Duckwall
Ms. Madison Duncan
Ms. Patricia Dunthorn
Mr. Kevin Dyck
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Eaton*
Mrs. Lloyd Edwards
Ms. Joan Eiland and Mr. Randy Laird
Ms. Melinda Emerson
Ms. Sally English
Ms. Linda Felsburg
Ms. Mona Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Ferrell*
Mr. and Mrs. Audie Ferris
Ms. Margaret Finn
Ms. Brittany Firman
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fischbach
Ms. Linda Fleshman
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Forbes
Ms. Jan Fore
Ms. Louise Forsythe
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Francis
Ms. Joan Freeland
Mrs. Susan Frost
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frye
Ms. Nicole Gabe
Mr. John Gaffney
Mrs. Emily Galbreath
Ms. Shannon Galt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gamber
Ms. Alex Gartsman
GE United Way Campaign
Mr. Lester Gillespie and Ms. Martha Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Givens Jr.
Mr. Evan Curtis Graham
Ms. Joanne Gravett
Ms. Georgiana Greenwald
Mr. Gunther Greimel
Mrs. Sandra Griffith*
Mr. and Mrs. William Griggs
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan and Kari Grim
Ms. Ursula Grinde
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Guebert*
Ms. Sandra Haase
Mr. Nathaniel Hackett
Ms. Sarah Hafensteiner
Ms. Jessica Hahn
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hairfield
Mr. Keith Halford
Ms. Sharon Halstead
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hammond
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Harbourt
Mr. and Mrs. George Harkrader
Ms. Donna Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hasey
Ms. Lois Hash
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Will Hazell III
Ms. Holly Hecht
Ms. Robin Helsley
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hendrickson
Ms. Christin Hensley
Ms. Clarissa Hernandez
Ms. Kathleen Herrlein
Mr. David Hevia
Ms. Karen Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Highfill
Mr. and Mrs. John Hildebrand
Ms. Carol Hingular*
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Holden
Mr. and Mrs. William Holdren
Ms. Leigh Holland
Ms. Linda Honaker
Mrs. Barbara Honeycutt
Mrs. Donna Horak
Ms. Cynthia Hubbell
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Huddleston
Mr. and Mrs. Chapman Huffman Sr.
Hugh Mercer Elementary School
Ms. Anna Humes
Ms. Marilyn Hyatt
Ms. Allison Iezzi
Ms. Anne Jaeger and Mr. Lee Hodges
Mr. and Mrs. Len Janney
Ms. Bonnie Johnson
Ms. Bonnie Johnson
Mr. David Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jones
Ms. Pamala Jones
Mr. Mark Journell
Ms. Susan Kampert
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Karnes
Ms. Bobbie Kaylor
Mrs. Nadine Kelley
Ms. Caroline Kerns
Mr. Jacob Key*
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Key
Ms. Maureen Kieber
Ms. Pamela King
Ms. Becky Kinser Davis
Ms. Nancy Kistler
Ms. Sarah Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Koff
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kosko
Ms. Rosemary Larsen
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lash
Ms. Angela Laug
Ms. Gerri Lauterio
Ms. Lucy Leake
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lemon
Ms. Ally Leonardo
Ms. Danielle Lester
Mr. and Mrs. David Levan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lindell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Link
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Linton
Mr. Anthony Lombardi
Mrs. Vivian Longanacre
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lugar
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Luzader Jr.
Ms. Phyllis Lytton
Ms. Barbara MacGeorge
Ms. Mary MacGibbon*
Mr. Tyler Malamisura
Ms. Mary Marshall
Mrs. Carolyn Mathena
Mr. and Mrs. Willie McCall
Mr. and Mrs. Harold McComsey
Capt. and Mrs. James McCormick USN (RET)
Ms. Molly McDonald
Ms. Allison McGowan
Ms. Mary Ellen McGuire
Ms. Cathy McLaughlin*
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McLaurin
Mr. and Mrs. Ken McManis
Mr. and Mrs. Karl McNeece
Ms. Rebecca McNeer
Mr. and Mrs. David Meredith and Ms. Jill Vincent
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mignogna
Ms. Amy Miller
Ms. Arlene Miller
Ms. Sara Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Miller
Mr. Walter Miller Jr.
Mrs. Janice Minnix
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Missimer
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Mitchell
Mr. Matthew Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moore
Ms. Kirsten Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moul
Ms. Katey Muskett
Mr. and Mrs. John Mycock
Ms. Sharon Nanz
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newcomb
Ms. Sheryl Newcomb
Ms. Jane Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nicastro
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Nichols*
Ms. Madison Noble
Ms. Maggie O’Connell
Ms. Hanna Olsson
Mr. Steve Owens
Ms. Wanda Paganelli
Ms. Jane Pangilinan
Ms. Julianne Paris
Ms. Kelly Patrick
Ms. Anne Marie Patterson
Ms. Linda Perdue*
Ms. Shirley Perdue
Ms. Virginia Perdue
Ms. Melissa Perpall
Mr. Jeffrey Perry and Mrs. Kimberly Silver-Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Peters
Ms. Linda Pierpoint
Ms. Aileen Pilarski
Mr. Joshua Powell
Mr. Rick Prashaw
Ms. Irene Price
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Purdy
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Puritz
Mr. Luther Quick
Ms. Hannah Raque and Mr. Ed Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rayburn
Renaissance Contract Lighting and Furniture
Mrs. Barbara Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. David Risi
Ms. Kathleen Robertson
Ms. Payton Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Rockafellow
Ms. Melissa Sarver
Ms. Samantha Savercool
Mr. James Scott
Ms. Jean Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Shelton
Ms. Alessandra Shorten
Ms. Amanda Singh
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smith*
Mr. Matthew Smith
Ms. Tamia Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Vince Snidow
Mr. Charles Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sorensen
Ms. Julia Sorenson
Dr. Joy and Dr. Burkhard Spiekermann MD
Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Stacks
Ms. Miriam Stansbury
Ms. Caroline Steele
Ms. Denise Stewart
Ms. Jill Stickel
Ms. Georgia Stierman
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Stone
Ms. Michelle Stowe
Mr. and Mrs. John Summerbell
Mr. and Mrs. William Svec Jr.
Ms. Hailey Swaak
Ms. Maryanne Sweeney
Mrs. Marjorie Tankersley
Ms. Andrea Tardif
Ms. Meg Thomas
Ms. Melisa Thomas
Ms. Alexandra Thorsted
Ms. Laura Thurman
Ms. Margaret Trott
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Tuttle
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Underwood
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Usher
Ms. Kayla Valle
Mrs. Betty Van Aken
Mrs. Betty Vanness
Ms. Jennifer Vaughan
Ms. Ann Vernon
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vinal
Reverend Lisa and Mr. Frank Vineyard*
Ms. Jan Waldron
Mr. and Mrs. David Walters
Ms. Paula Ward
Ms. Kathryn Warren-Pandolfo
Ms. Kay Wason
Mrs. Marty Watson
Ms. Natalie Weaver
Mr. Steffan Welch
Ms. Amanda Whisnant
Ms. Kathleen White
Ms. Sarah Whitlock
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wiggins
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Williamson
Ms. Angela Wilson
Ms. Jacqueline Wimmer
Mr. and Mrs. James Woodson
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Wright
Mr. and Mrs. William Yeagley
Ms. Patti Yeats
Ms. Allesandra Young
Ms. Judy Zarlenga

Susan Adams
Susan Anderson-Hodges
Heather Armstrong
Olga Atienza
Craig Balzer
Jeffrey Barbour, CPA
Jerry Barnes
Kathy Baske Young
Judy Bates
Ann Behnke
Ian Berroteran
Kaiden Bralley
Luke and Cassie Brugh
Susan Burr
John Carlin
Janet Carter
Becky Cavaliere
Kevin and Karen Conlan
Betsy Cook
Judy Cornwall
Sally B. Craver, MSW
Ernestine Critzer
Sarah Dalton
Lorraine Dill
Sara Beth Dodson
Carol Downey
Jo Lynn Draper
Hank Ebert
Jean Evans
Charlene Fay
Mark Finkler, DVM
Jennifer and Trent Fisher
Amy Frazier
Faye Gargiulo
Taressa Gibson-Hurd
Scott Guebert
Mary Guilbert
Nancy Hack
Maria Hammond
Alex Hammond
Allison Hammond
Angela Hannah
Connie Harvey
Susan Hodges
Emily  Hollida
Dana Holohan
Ashley Ingram
Christy Izard
Anne Jenkins
Marvin Johnson
Michelle Johnston
Tim Jones
Janine Joyce
Holly Kellam
Susannah Kellam
Logan and Erin Kenny
Stacey Kesel
Jacob Key
Annette Kirby
Pat Lambui
Susan Lambui
Jackie Lantz
Jackie Lantz (Scribner)
Wade Lariviere
Diana LoVecchio
Julie Macpherson
Mary Markle
Anna McBride
Joan McKiever
Theresa Mercier
Erma and Jim Miller
Paula Mitchell
Cabell Moskal
Brett Nichols 
Stacey Nichols 
Carrie Otis and Brian Marshall
Doug  Oursler
Linda Painter
Jessica Parisi
Jan Perdue
Allyson Perdue
Jim Petrine
Kristen Pilarski
Julia and Leland Potter
Nanci  Pristou
Katie and Dick Pyne
Carl Reed
Laura Reilly
Karen Saplak
Linda Schueler
Elizabeth Sensabaugh
Kimberlee Shader
Shannon Shaffer
Amanda Shell
Krista Sinnott
Mike Smith
Millie Steele
Lynn Stivers
Steven S. Strauss
Susan and Dennis Sulka
Nadia Summo
Janet Taake
Kelly Taylor
Leigh and Blake Thomas
Cindy Tuck
Robert Villamil
Joyce and Russ Voelker
Rhonda Waldrop
Abigail Walker
Carol Waters
Tina Weeks
Caroline Weston
Kathy White
Courtney Wiegard, DVM
Tiffany and Brian Wiersema
BJ Williams
Meridian Williams
Jim and Bev Wisser
Faith Wisser
Deborah Womack
Jane Wooldridge
Ray Wurzburger

*Represents a donor who is also a volunteer
+Represents a donor who is part of our monthly giving program

We have taken great care to present an accurate and complete listing of all of our supporters.  If an omission or other error has occurred, we express our sincere regret and ask that it be brought to our attention.

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